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Price: $10.00
  Price: $10.00
  1. Days Of Elijah
  2.  He Loved Me With a Cross 
  3.  The Blood Covered it All
  4.  Four Days Late
  5.  Lord You're Holy
  6.  All Rise
  7.  My Testimony
  8.  Can't Give Up Now
  9.  More Than Wonderful
       (duet sis velma Lovelace)
   10.  The Presence Of The                                Lord  is Here
   11.  Because Of Who You Are

1.  Intro-Great is thy                           Fithfulness
  2.  Hallowed Be Thy Name
  3.  So You Would Know
  4.  I'm Free
  5.  He'll Do It Again
  6.  My Help-Accompanied                 by Sons   Jevon & BJ
  7.  I Bowed On My Knees
  8.  Stop By The Church
  9.  The Anchor Holds
10.  Go Light Your World
11.  Midnight Cry

Price: $10.00
1. Oporkeate
2. Don't Cry
3. Frighten Me Again
4. Lazarus
5. Andy Walks With Me
6. Hymn & Hymn
7. Grandmother's Teeth
8. Jamaican Transalation
9. Br. Brown
10. Puncie
11. False Teeth
12. Precious Memories
13. Prefer Preffer
14. Thank You Jesus
15. Congratulations
16. Donkey's Conclusion
1. Battle Hymn of the Republic
2. Farther Along
3. God on the Mountain
4. I Go To The Rock
5. It is Well
6. Jesus
7. One Day
8. There is Something About
     That Name  & Sermonette
9. I Give You Jesus
10. Order My Steps
11. That Name
12. There Is A Fountain
13.  Too Much To Gain
14. Yes God Is Real
15. Total Praise

   Price: $10.00

NB. All audio Materials  are Adopted , except   'MyTestimony'  &  'Sermonette'
  His Praise                      Shall
  Continually                 Be  In
           My                             Mouth!

  I   Will
   Bless   the
     Lord   at 
  all Times...
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   Price: $10.00
1. Champion of Love
2. In the Valley
3. This is just what Heaven Means
4. Sweet Bulah Land
5. Unclouded Day
6. Tears will never Stain
7. What a Lovely Name
8. He Will Carry You
9. Can't Even Walk
10. Narration
11. That's Enough
12. When He Was on the Cross
13. The Cross makes a Difference
14. I will Glory in the Cross
15. I won't have to Cross Jordon Alone
16. Just a Closer Walk
17. Arise My Love
18. Gone
19. You'll Never Walk Alone

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  Price $10.00
1.  Naaman

2.  Love Grew Where the Blood          Fell
3.  Long as I Got King Jesus

4.  Rough Side of the Mountain

5.  Your Grace and Mercy

6.  On Time God
   Price: $15.00
Alone in a Crowd is a powerful, inspirational testimony of the challenges faced by a child who triumphed over the odds to blossom into a successful mother, writer, mentor, spiritual leader, and international singer.

It will be a blessing for all those who are at the nadir of their life.

---Dr. Lileth A. Coke………Bronx NY

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   Price: $10.00
1. I Almost Let Go
2. Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone
3. If it Had Not Been
4. Eye of the Storm..Ft. Vynce Vernon (Son)
5. I'll Tell it Wherever I Go
6. I'm Amazed
7. Mama Prayed For Me
8. I Have Returned
9. He Didn't Throw The Clay Away
10.Surely God Is Able
11. Through The Fire
12. No More Night Ft. Vynce Vernon (Son)
13. These are They
14. Carribean Medley