By His Grace Ministry (BHGM)  is a facet of Lady D Ministries, inspired by a 6 year old Kenyan Orphan by the name Grace Monari.

Grace is one of the 104 children living in an Orphanage in Kenya Africa. This orphanage was adopted by Christ Community Outreach Ministries.

I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to be a sponsor for Grace  and by doing so "By His Grace" Ministry was born.

BHGM involves Feeding the Homeless, Visiting the Sick and Shut-In, Motivational Speaking  and Participation in Fundraising Events for the less fortunate.

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Christ Community Outreach Ministries is a Street and Radio Ministry that started 8 years ago. Headed by Sister's Dana Chambers and  Sherril Carter.
The Lord has led  these two ladies to feed, clothed, pray for and encourage thousands of people  through out the New York area.
Radio has also been a tremendous media for them to reach people who are in need. Each Sunday at 7PM and Monday at 8PM they can be heard on Lifesat Radio 1630AM. They are also distributors of the Word of God in tracks, books and Bibles.
This wonderful  ministry have been organizing  various fund raising events to meet the needs of these beautiful children. One of such fund raiser is the Annual Dinner Banquet.

Christ Community Outreach   Ministries
For by Grace are ye saved through faith, and not of  yourselves: it is a gift of God:
Not of works, least anyone should boast.
                     Ephesians 2:8,9.
Meet Grace Monari
A Call to Help !!
Meet the Orphans
Minister Velma Lovelace caring for a 19 year old  Orphan with aids on her visit to Kenya in July 2003.
He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD,
and he will reward him for what he has done.
                                          Proverbs 19:17 (NIV)
We might not all be able to board a plane and go to Africa to help but we can play our part right where we are. There is a way that we all can help whether by monetary contribution or just your prayers.

Remember only what we do for Christ will last !!

There are 87 boys and girls presently sharing the same dormitory. Christ Community Outreach Ministry is in the process of building a new dormitory so the girls can have a space to call their own.

     Some of the other needs of the orphans include:


      Clean Water

      Fees to pay caretakers

      Fees for High School Students

If you are moved by the spirit to make a contribution, sponsor one of the orphans or become a part of "By His Grace" not hesitate to contact us at the following:
email me
Sis Dana Chambers
  @ 718 654 1509
  Sis Sherril Carter
  @ 718 325 7068
Grace Monari was born in 2002 to Agnes (father unknown), in the Village of Bosin located in the  Nyangiti  Division, a district called Gucha in Keyna,  Africa.

She is a very good Nursery School Student, obedient and kind to others.

Grace, like all the other orphans is in dire need of  basic needs.
The girls hair are kept short because there is not enough clean water to wash their hair or even for daily baths.

Verily I say
unto you,
Inasmuch as ye
have done it  unto one ...
  of the  least
  of these
  my brethren,
  ye have done it
  unto me.

      Matthew 25:40
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