Let not mercy
and truth
forsake thee:
bind them
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  thy neck;
  write them upon
  the table of
  thine heart.

           Proverbs 3:3

Alone in a Crowd is the description of how God mysteriously, meticulously and unrelentingly through the complex blending of bitter and sweet experiences brought a young woman to loving Him by first teaching her to love herself.  She alone was the object of His care in the midst of the crowd. Oh Love that will not let me go!!

Dr. Leacroft Green

  Price $15.00
Dawn it is said that everybody's life is a script. You have bared your soul and allowed us to enter the recesses of your soul even the private quarters to help us understand your struggles, inner pain loneliness and lonesomeness. A remarkable script that Hollywood should get a hold of.
I read you through in one sitting that's how riveting it was.
You touched my heart and show me again that there is no other word for grace but Amazing.

Burnett  LB Robinson
Senior Pastor , Grand Concourse S.D.A. Church NY

Within a few hours and in one sitting I amazingly read this book from the moment I began cruising through its pages I was so captivated by its content and messages that the only break I took were the ones I had when I paused to cry or breathe a prayer of thanksgiving to God for his presence in Dawn's life and also for those who might be going through  similar situations. 'Alone in a Crowd' is truly an inspiring, motivating and encouraging memoir, it reminds us of the hope, joy and victory we can have when christ is present in our crisis and when we put our total trust in him.

Elder Nicola Williams
Wakefield S.D.A Church
Bronx NY.

I have read and reread “Alone in a Crowd” penned by Minister Dawn Samuels, and was impressed of her Testimony that I have decided to write the Book that is in me.
My pray is that this book falls in the hands of the right readers and Souls be drawn to the Kingdom of God through reading it.
I surely recommend this writing, God Bless you, Daughter.

Bishop Samuel E.M. Caesar
Christ Is The Answer Evangelistic Center Inc…….Brooklyn NY

This novel is a delightful read. It is raw authentic literature that bears the soul with honesty and integrity and gives the reader an intimate betrayal of the resilience of a spirit designed to soar.
Each fortunate reader is privileged to be invited to accompany Ms. Samuels as she retraces the path that led to her current magnificent ministry.
We are all reminded that all God's creatures great and small must methamorphize  through the confines of their cocoon and work their way from a crystal to a butterfly that soars to new heights with the coming of each new dawn.

Pasey Taylor Noble, Mt. Vernon NY

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